You can now activate Reservations for every rental you want. Once you login to our Control Panel, open the Rental you want to activate, select the Main tab and then under "Do you accept bookings?" question, select the option "Yes, after approval" and click "Update Rental" button.

You can also set your downpayment percentage (the Initial Deposit can be 20-40% of the Total Price), by setting this number, based on your desire. The "Initial Deposit" goes to your paypal account (or bank) and the remaining balance, based on your payment policy (ex. cash on arrival, bank transfer 7 days prior of arrival etc)

Keep in mind, that it is important all specific rates are added for the property and availability is updated. If there are missing rate periods, your guests will not be able to Request to Book for these dates.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.