You can add a special Offer for your listing, get extra promotion and of course more inquiries. This way, you can set an "Early Booking Offer", a "Last minute Cancellation Offer", or simple Offer a Discount for a specific period of your season. It is very common among travellers, the research for a Special Discount among the many available options. Every Offer, once it is "activated", it is valid for 3 weeks (21 days). After that, the Offer expires and becomes inactive. This way, only real special deals are promoted.

Once you login to our Administration Panel, you will find the option "Offers" in our top menu. There, you can find all your bought offers (available for the future or already activated). See screenshot.

The Offer with the red background (1st Offer), means that this Offer had been activated in the past and expired. The grey Offer (2nd one) means that this Offer is Activated and currently promoted. The 3nd Offer is an available Offer for future usage. You can "Edit", set all details and then "Activate" it.

For every Offer, you must set the associated Rental which is valid for this Offer, fill the "Offer Title" (maximum 25 characters) and detailed description. You can edit and update your Offer as many times as you want. When your Offer is ready, you simply click on "Activate!" button and then your Offer becomes public to the travellers.

All Active Offers are automatically added to our special section for Offers, but also promoted in all other sections. If you have used all your available Offers, you can simply ask to buy extra 5 Offers, which they can be used and activated whenever you desire.

If you need any further help, please, do not hesitate to Contact Us.