"Sync Calendar" section, is a set of settings for your help. You can find it under the Availability Calendar, in "Calendar" tab.
There are 3 synchronization options, available on "Advanced" & "Premium" packages. 

You can automatically synchronize your availability calendar using, some of the following options:

  • You are able to embed the auto-updated calendar to your site (option 1). Simply add once the given link to your site and you are ready.
  • Also, you can export (Sync-Out) the auto-updated calendar, to other portals or calendars (like Airbnb, Outlook, iPhone etc) (option 2)
  • Finally, you can import (Sync-In) an iCal link, so your Corfu-Vacations will remain automatically updated whenever you update your data from a source that supports iCal (.ics) exports (option 3)