With Lefkada-Rentals.com, finding your perfect place to stay is simple and easy! As Guest who wants to visit Lefkada island, you have the flexibility to choose which type of property suits your needs. With our large inventory of property listings, you can find almost anything. So, whether you are looking for a budget single bedroom studio, a large luxury villa, a big yacht or a car for your holidays, we have that all covered!

Here is a summary on how Lefkada-Rentals works for you!

A) On the homepage, start by typing in check-in/check out date and the total number or guest. Click on Search to check the available property listings.

B) Once you retrieve the results, you can change the dates and search again (1), you can adjust the desired price (2), or you can refine the results with some criteria (3). You can click anywhere on the property to see more details.

Refine you search

C) After you review the properties, you can send an inquiry to the owner,  or simply call him or her straight.

fill the contact form

Don't forget that many properties provide live calendar with always updated availability. It is generally advised for you to make a verification phone call, before you proceed to the payment.